Saturday, April 11, 2009

Marcel Dzama: Department of Eagles

Marcel Dzama: Even More Calamities (storyboard for "No One Does It Like You" video). 2008. Ink, root beer base, water color, and paper, 22" x 14"

This beautiful video for "Department of Eagles" premiered at MoMA on March 24, 2009. Produced by Directors Bureau. Direction: Patrick Daughters and Marcel Dzama. Costumes and Sets: Marcel Dzama.

I have tried in vain to discover who was responsible for the choreography. Please post a comment if you know.

If you click through to the MoMA site, you'll note that Dzama is identified as a New York City-based artist...of course, we know that he's from Winnipeg.

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  1. Just watched the art-music video. You should post art-music videos
    more often, I really enjoyed that! It's such an interesting
    juxtaposition of care-free strolling musical beat and visual militant