Saturday, April 18, 2009

Playing For Change

Playing for Change is a charitable organization founded by Grammy award-winning producer and engineer Mark Johnson. The foundation's mission is to "connect the world through music". The bricks-and-mortar part of the mission is to build music schools and art schools around the world. Two projects are well underway in South Africa, and the foundation has also been supporting Tibetan refugee centres in India and Nepal.

This music video produced by Playing for Change is an inspiring demonstration of the internet's creative commons philosophy at its best. "Thirty seven musicians from five continents assemble together to create one unified track. The musicians have never met in person and connect through their music. Each track is added to the song as the musicians are recorded live outside across the globe. The end result is a remarkable human connection and a powerful song."


  1. So very glad you came across this video. A friend sent it at Christmas and it's a permanent part of my collection. Grandpa Elliot is my man!


  2. I am glad you enjoyed it. With over 9 million views since last November, I am sure many readers have already seen this clip. But the message is so optimistic that it bears repeating. I'm weary of reading about money, art bubble, money, museum cuts, money, gallery closings, money, "poor" auction results, money, Salander...etc. etc. All of that has so very little to do with the way in which the vast majority of us experience art, don't you think?

  3. In response to a message that came in via e-mail rather than "Comments": Of course it is important to be vocal about museum cuts and about how politicians spend our money! There are other artblogs that do a great job covering politics, economics and art world gossip. It just isn't a focus I wish to take with Neurartic.