Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Chance to Vote for Grange Prize.

There are only seven days left to vote for the Grange Prize in Photography. As I indicated in a previous post, I was torn between Lynne Cohen's intellectually compelling and vaguely unsettling photographs of uninhabited spaces, and Marco Antonio Cruz's supremely humane and textured black and white photographs of blind people. I have avoided voting until now, but have gone back to look at the photographs a number of times. In the end, Cruz's photographs are something I'd like to have on a shelf, in a portfolio or book, and look at when the mood strikes. On the other hand, I could live with Cohen's photographs. They are so ambiguous that they would bear looking at everyday, and they'd tell a different story every time. My vote goes with Cohen. You can see her work at Olga Korper Gallery in Toronto until May 30.

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