Sunday, April 11, 2010

David Bolduc

I am saddened to announce that David Bolduc has died. He was 64 years of age, and died following a short and extremely courageous battle with cancer. He continued painting through it all, producing an entirely new body of work for an extraordinary show at Christopher Cutts Gallery just 3 months ago. His paintings contained an enormous energy and life force, as if channeling the very essence and fire of his soul. Working with David last year for the exhibition of new works he so generously created for my small gallery was a true privilege.

In 2006, Linda Corbett recorded a series of videotaped interviews with David. They are available to be viewed on line, courtesy of the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art Database Project. How fortunate we are to have this important documentary record of a significant painter, poet and raconteur. He will be missed.

UPDATE: Link to obituary in the Globe and Mail


  1. I was out of town and I had no inkling that he had died. (He was one of my favourite teachers)

    Thank you for posting this.

  2. I just learned of this and it makes me sad. I love his work.

  3. Bloody hell....strange how I found out. I was reading Richard Gorman's obit posted on PM Gallery site and the piece mentioned David's passing. Whenever I visited Thielsen Gallery in London (my dealer as well) I was always in absolute awe of his work!

    A McBay