Friday, February 20, 2009

Dave Dyment's Long Term Memory

Earlier last year, Fluxus-inspired Toronto artist/writer/curator Dave Dyment was selected for the prestigious artist in residence project at the Glennfidich Distilleries in Scotland.

The result of his three month residency is "A Drink To Us (When We're Both Dead)"

A reinforced barrel, filled with uncut spirit was buried in Warehouse 8 at the Glenfiddich Distilleries. It will be excavated in 2108. This whisky is being pre-sold now, though it will not be available to drink for 100 years. Buyers will receive an empty sapele wood casket for the future bottle, a map of the warehouse, a small diary in which to document the experience, and a contract to pass on to their descendants.

Dyment says the work is about trust, history, patience, investment and mortality. I am charmed by the sense of generosity, hope for the future, and utter lack of cynicism in this work. Absolutely refreshing!

"A Drink To Us (When We're Both Dead)" is available in an edition of 25. I understand that the edition is not yet sold out. For more information, go to Dyment's website.

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