Sunday, February 22, 2009

David Mirvish Books

Seven days and counting. On February 28, David Mirvish Books will close its doors forever. For 38 years this Toronto bookstore has been the place for books on art, design, architecture and related fields. As independent bookstores often are, it has also been a community hub, a place for surprise encounters with art, books, ideas and people that made you think.

To honour that history, for the next week, posts to this blog will be bookish.

A wonderful Frank Stella has graced David Mirvish Books for years. I hope we will be lucky enough to see it on public display elsewhere in the future.

To visit the David Mirvish Books website, click here.


  1. Always one of my favourite stops in Toronto. I'm old enough to remember when it opened. I was a teenager and had just moved to Toronto with my art student boyfriend and browsing the bookshelves was something we could do that cost nothing. Although I haven't been there in a long while I'll miss it.